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Syria’s ambassador, held talk with top U.S. diplomat
Jeffrey Feltman, acting assistant secretary of state for the Middle East, meet with Imad Mustafa, Syria’s ambassador to the United States, on Thursday.
U.S. Treasury Authorize Money Transfer to a Syrian Charity
Syria’s Ambassador in Washington Imad Mustafa on Sunday announced that the US Department of the Treasury has allowed the transfer of $ 500.000 to a Syrian charitable Association, in a sign that Obama administration is easing the economic embargo on Syria.
US Sen. John Kerry to meet with Syria President Bashar Assad
Sen. John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is planning to travel to Syria next week, to meet with Syrian President Bashar Assad
Syria condemned the Israeli navy “piracy”

Syria government condemned the Israeli navy “piracy” against a the Lebanese aid ship “Taly” loaded with humanitarian aid was trying to enter the Gaza Strip water
Syria and France to enhance economic cooperation
Syrian Minister of Industry, Fouad Issa al-Joni and French Secretary of State In charge of Industry and Consumption, Luc Chatel had signed a common announcement on cooperation
Obama administration to provide parts for Syrian airline
U.S. Trade Department has agreed to provide Syria with spare parts to rehabilitate two Boeing 747 planes out of service for years. This signal a move by the new U.S. Administration to reach out to Damascus and end an economic embargo of Syria.
British Prince Harry: Racist Comments Video In Full
British Prince Harry today stands accused of racism in a bombshell home video as he swaggers in front of his army comrades
821 killed and 3350 injured in Gaza
Israeli continued its aggression on the Gaza Strip for the fifth day, despite the UN Security Council resolution which called for an immediate cease-fire.
Syrian nuclear reactor built with North Korea help: Cheney
US Vice President Dick Cheney said Thursday that North Korea helped Syria build a reactor at a site that Israel suspected of being a nuclear installation and bombed in 2007.
Iran security chief holds talks in Syria on Gaza
chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, also secretary of Iran’s powerful Supreme National Security Council, met Syria’s President Bashar Assad On Saturday



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