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hello.I had a “strong” experience in Egypt with muslims . I learned over there about the Islamic Bak and what muslims do with it. I got my filmbak over there as well to “remember” my “bak story”. My next step was to try to raise the awareness about the bak and its effects . Now it is online , for free , with proof . My pledge is thus different from the others . It is always good commonsense to hold others accountable for what they do and that is why i posted the islamic bak magic on my blogs . I wanted muslims exposed and the truth naked . thais was my no.1 priority. George Youssef.

Step 1 of 4: Make Your Pledge

* Indicates Mandatory Field. 

      CREATE Stronger Communities 




I pledge to CREATE stronger communities by…

Food Bank



Senior Care

Work Out

Clean It Up



Buy Local

Hire Students

Stand Up



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